Born to have LED Portable Lamp

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2.0 $


Key Features
  • Flexible rubber to do the whole direction of rotation, free bending, adjusting the angle, No clamps, glue and other fixed method, flexible and convenient
  • Smooth high-end, the latest design of the chrome color
  • Super energy saving, power consumption is less than 40mA
  • Bright white LED can ensure clear vision the dark, in your internet or playing games
It is a very portable and compact LED lamp that will brighten up your room instantly when plugged to a USB port. It will offer you super bright light whenever it gets dark for you to see very clearly. You can totally count on this handy device to provide you with light when you have to work on your laptop at night with no power. Its portability makes it a device that can be taken with you anywhere you go as you can simply have it in your bag or purse. It is very easy to use, simply plug it in a USB port and it comes on automatically. There is no external power source needed for this LED USB lamp to work. Simply plug into any USB output, it also comes on when plugged to a power bank. Comes with a flexible rubber to that ensures free bending to any angle you want it to face. It does not come with any clamps, glue or any other fixed system. It is absolutely flexible and very convenient to use. This lamp is energy saving and its power consumption is less than 40mA. It will not drain the battery of your laptop or any other USB enabled device in any way. Its bright white LED will ensure clear vision in the dark when you are busy with your computer at night or when you are studying at night.

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Born to have LED Portable Lamp