Samsung Vacuum Cleaner SC18M2120SB

100.0 $120.0 $ (-17%)

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100.0 $120.0 $ (-17%)


Samsung Vacuum Cleaner with Extreme Suction Power.

Reasons To Buy

  • Surprisingly powerful: A powerful motor and pick-up brush help ensure extreme suction power and clean carpets throughout the house. On any surface, it quickly and effortlessly picks up everything – large or small.
  • Easy to empty and clean: The Easy Dustbin is simple to remove and empty without spilling any dust. Quickly detach with the push of a button, twist open the cover and tip the contents into the trash can.
  • Extreme suction for a long time: Cyclone Force’s strong centrifugal force separates dirt and debris into an outer chamber. So it maintains suction power, as it keeps the filter clean and prevents it from clogging.

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Samsung Vacuum Cleaner SC18M2120SB

100.0 $120.0 $ (-17%)

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