Urbanears Jakan Wireless Earbuds (open box)

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38.0 $79.0 $ (-52%)


Urbanears has created a new pair of wireless earbuds for the active cosmopolitan user. The Jakan Wireless Earbuds are named for Jakobsberg, a suburb just outside of central Stockholm. The town was once a large farm with an iconic windmill, but is now a busy commuter hub. The city’s park is the center of the town; with a national architecture prize under its belt, it’s the place that everyone goes for sports, walks, picnics, and even impromptu concerts.

In tune with Jakobsberg’s vibes, the Jakan Wireless Earbuds are suited for effortless playing via their minimal earbud fit. Whether they’re used for taking calls or listening to music on the go, the earbuds provide a flexible, ergonomic fit and an intuitive control knob. The earbuds also include magnets for around-the-neck wear, which can be stored in a pocket and then just touched together to enable this function. Combined with their sharp and rich sound, the buds are a tangle-free solution that will last throughout 12 hours of wireless play on a single charge.

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Urbanears Jakan Wireless Earbuds (open box)

38.0 $79.0 $ (-52%)

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